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Anhui HELI Co. Ltd is the main subsidiary of Anhui forklift Group Company,新宝GG主管。 it was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1996,新宝GG注册登录平台。 the registered capital is 514 million Yuan,新宝GG主管。 now it has become the largest scale,新宝GG网址。 complete industrial chain,新宝GG老用户登陆。 comprehensive strength and good comprehensive economical benefit of industrial vehicles base for research。新宝GG注册账号。

Global HELI

In 2006, Anhui HELI Forklifts Group Co.Ltd。,gg。 Ltd became the top 10 in world industrial vehicle industry,注册。 in 2011 HELI became the number 8 in the world.账号。 Our company has independent marketing network and has already established 24 marketing networks of provincial level and 400 sub agent sales and service networks, we have a sound and perfect service system.

Brand idea

HELI aims to become the top 5 in world industrial vehicle recently, since the beginning of the 21st century, HELI enter a period of rapid development, in 2006, HELI has successfully become the top 10 in the world industrial vehicle. Today we put forward a new aim that to become the first class manufacturer in the world industrial vehicle industry and never stop our step on improving.


Investor Relations

  • Anhui Heli (.SH)

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No.668, Fangxing Road, Hefei, Anhui Province
4001600761 (Working 8:00-11:50 12:35-16:30)
1-10t Engine Forklift
12-46t Engine Forklift
Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks
Lithium Battery Forklift
Electric Reach Truck
Empty Container Stacker
CHL Brand
Wheel Loader
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